Polyethylene Pipe


Culvert Renew® is a profile wall pipe manufactured from PE3408 premium grade, high density, extra high molecular weight, polyethylene resin. It is homogeneous and resistant to environmental stress cracks.


Wyatt Resources utilizes a "screw together• coupling system called Thread-Lac®. When two pipes are threaded together, they form a soil tight connection. This lightweight, strong, easy to install system makes an ideal, cost-effective choice for the insertion renewal of culverts and sewers and for direct burial applications.


Culverts and Sanitary Sewers, Insertion Renewal of Culverts, Insertion Renewal of Storm Sewers, Storm Drains, Manholes and Catch Basins, Landfill Inspection Risers, Outfall Piping, Dewatering Pipe, Irrigation Pipe.